Discover the path to a healthier and happier You !

Physical Exercise , improves posture , balance , strength , flexibility and breathing . Anything that gets the whole body moving . Such as walking , swimming , jogging us good for you.

Depending in your condition. We will create a specific plan to suit your needs.  This plan will involve exercise , stretching , core stability and strength .


Benefits of Whole Body Workout.

  • Improves overall Body Tone & Fitness
  • IncreaseFlexibility
  • Improves Posture
  • Promotes Lean Muscle & Tones Muscle
  • Prevention of Injury

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I attend Dolores with a back and neck complaint. I have always found her to be professional , positive, empathetic and courteous.. I found her sessions excellent and she is also extremely generous with her time.

Carol Collins

I attend regularly with Dolores for acupuncture sessions , and find them very healing. She pays attention to all my aches , pains and health issues, so I feel I get overall treatment .
Very good value for money