Don’t be a Couch Potato!

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coach potato

Working out is essential for well-being during these cold winter months.

Anything that gets the whole body moving , such as jogging , cycling and walking , will all have a positive affect on your health .

Stretching can be done after you workout, when the muscles are warmed up, slow gentle stretch on the calves and hamstrings will aid recovery.

Two Top Tips For Stretching

1) Lying on the floor on your back, lift one leg up in the air, keeping the other flat , support the leg below the knee joint until you feel a stretch on the back of the leg. Breathing normally , hold the stretch for 20 seconds, repeat on the other leg.

2) Lying flat on the floor on your back keeping the shoulders in contact with the floor ,. Bring the knee up towards you chest, holding the leg just below the knee joint tightly until you can feel the stretch . Breathe normally hold stretch for 20 seconds and repeat.

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